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Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast

Mar 12, 2015

Re-imagining Enterprise Season One.

"What if...", "Missed Opportunities...", "So much potential..." - stop me if these phrases sound familiar when describing Enterprise. When Brannon Braga originally pitched Enterprise to the United Paramount Network - a.k.a. the UPN - his original mission statement was essentially "Star Trek meets The Right Stuff". However the "executive powers that be" saw things differently and the first season of Enterprise never truly established itself as the prequel series that eventually would have become a bonafide source for Star Trek historical canon.


Fast forward a bit to Season Two and to one of my favorite episodes of Enterprise - FIRST FLIGHT. In this episode, Brannon Braga was finally able to find the right tone and storytelling format to illustrate his original pitch. If Brannon was given the freedom to execute his vision and introduce what he believed was "true to existing canon" story progression, I believe he would have successfully created a bedrock foundation for answering the most important question about this series...the WHY: Why was this prequel important to the overall cannon and history of Star Trek?


Norman C. Lao

Will Nguyen and Tommy Kraft


Matthew Rushing


Associate Producers
Norman C. Lao and Floyd Dorsey


Production Manager
Richard Marquez


Content Coordinator
Will Nguyen



Intro and Welcome to the World of What If (00:01:25)  

Politics, Paxton and Possibilities (00:05:28)  

Characteristically Caring About Characters (00:14:25)  

From Cargo Hauling to Terrorism (00:24:25)  

A Chess Match Across Time Zones (00:36:45)  

Closing and Thanks For Listening! (00:59:43)  


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