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Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast

Jul 24, 2015

Hot off the Subspace Presses from Hoshi's Station!


In each standard episode of Warp Five, we delve into the minutiae of Enterprise. This in turn generates a lot of feedback from you, our loyal listeners, in the form of what we now call Subspace Postcards. Every so often when they start piling up, Hoshi downloads...

Jul 17, 2015

For better or worse, Degra was first and foremost a Patriot.

In continuing Degra’s character exploration from Warp Five Episode 42, it is apparent that his character arc has even more complexity still left to explore. The Season 3 Xindi arc from September 2003 to May 2004 emulated the U.S. national zeitgeist,...

Jul 3, 2015

It all began with a just handful of ships.

Enterprise had the unique opportunity, as the prequel series, to introduce many of the origins of basic Star Trek canon; how M-Class was derived from the Vulcan word Minshara (with regard to classifying planets suitable for humanoid life), the first use of photon(ic)...