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Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast

Feb 12, 2015

Crewman Elizabeth Cutler. Our Eternal Valentine.


On Warp Five Episode 57: The Class of 2151, Christopher Jones and I discussed the pros and cons of having such a young and inexperienced crew at the helm of the very first Warp 5 deep space mission. But we deliberated these observations from officers at the command level - like Travis and Hoshi. However, Crewman Elizabeth Cutler was also a part of that same graduating class and in stark contrast to Hoshi, Crewman Cutler seemed far more comfortable in her responsibilities to the mission at launch.


Crewman Cutler boldly went forward into that vast unknown of deep space with fearlessness and optimism. That infectious positivity was thanks to the energy and spirit of the talented and lovely actress who breathed life into Crewman Cutler - Kellie Waymire. Sadly, as soon as we started to get to know her Kellie died from an undiagnosed cardiac arrhythmia at age 36. But she left behind an indelible mark, not only on Star Trek, but on the hearts of the fans as well. Norman C. Lao and his guests Will Nguyen, Tommy Kraft and Matthew Rushing dedicate this show to her.



Norman C. Lao



Will Nguyen, Tommy Kraft and Matthew Rushing



Matthew Rushing


Associate Producers

Norman C. Lao and Floyd Dorsey


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


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Will Nguyen



Introduction (00:01:18)  

Who was Kellie Waymire (00:05:17)  

A Strange New World Indeed (00:11:45)  

The Doctor's New Companion (00:22:41)  

Promise and Potential (00:31:48)  

Final Thoughts and Our Dedication (00:48:52)  

Closing (00:57:31)  


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