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Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast

Feb 5, 2015

Captain Jonathan Archer: The Untested Optimist.


Jonathan Archer was far from being the quintessential Starfleet Captain, which made his overall character growth across four seasons of Enterprise one of the most interesting character journeys in Star Trek. His command was wrought with trial and error, and his humanity and moral center usually set him at odds with certain aspects of the mission and Starfleet diplomacy. However, in the end, it was that same humanity that became the catalyst for unifying the founding members of the Coalition of Planets and ultimately The Federation.


Pride, arrogance and uncertainty are not traits that one usually associates with a Starfleet Captain. Unfortunately these personal flaws influence Archer's early decisions to prove his quality and illustrate his internal struggle between morality and duty as he experiences the perils of deep space exploration firsthand. Norman C. Lao and his guests in the Decon Chamber have chosen very specific episodes from Enterprise Seasons One and Two that illustrate the nearly insurmountable expectations placed on Archer at the very beginning stages of his career.



Norman C. Lao



Will Nguyen and Tommy Kraft



Matthew Rushing


Associate Producers

Norman C. Lao and Floyd Dorsey


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Coordinator


Will Nguyen



Introduction to Jonathan Archer Part 1 (00:01:14)

What's on the Horizion? (00:05:10)

Pride Goeth before a Comet (00:07:43)

Arrogance versus Diplomacy (00:19:35)

More Honorable than Klingons (00:33:10)

Archer...Into Darkness (00:44:18)

Hoshi Station (01:06:57)

Closing (01:09:51)


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