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Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast

Sep 7, 2014

Orions on Enterprise.

They're seductive. They're big. They're green. And, according to The Animated Series, they're politically neutral. They are, of course, the Orions! One of the most famous aliens in Star Trek thanks to Susan Oliver's portrayal of a slave girl in "The Cage," the Orions are mentioned throughout Star Trek but rarely seen. That all changed when the fourth season of Enterprise rolled around and the NX-01 crew found themselves up for auction in an Orion slave market on Verex III. In "Borderland" we got our first glimpse of the Orions in many years, and saw male Orions for the very first time. Then in "Bound" the writers turned all of our notions about these aliens on their head.

In the episode of Warp Five we're joined by Sebastian Prooth to discuss the background of the Orions on The Original Series and The Animated Series, their introduction to Enterprise, the role of the Orion slave girl in geek fantasy, and how Enterprise took this iconic element of geekdom and added depth and intrigue where we didn't expect it.

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Orions in TOS and The Animated Series (3:09)

Reintroducing Orions on Enterprise (15:04)

Borderland and the Orion Slave Trade (19:55)

Bound and the Truth About Orion Women (27:13)

Other Orion References in Enterprise (40:24)

Final Thoughts (44:42)

Closing (49:04)