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Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast

Jun 21, 2019

T’Pol's Interaction With Humans.
The Vulcans are a species that has fascinated fans for over 50 years. Spock, Tuvok, Sarek, Saavik, and more have captivated our imaginations and provided us a way to look at our own humanity through an alien filter. Star Trek: Enterprise took this group of aliens and changed their portrayal, telling a whole new chapter in their history. With T’Pol being the first Vulcan to serve long term on a Starfleet vessel, we ask the question of how she reacted to serving with humans, and weather or not her attitude changed over the run of the show.

In this episode of Warp Five, Patrick Devlin and Brandon-Shea Mutala are joined by Karen Chuplis to discuss T’Pol and her relationship with humans during the run of Enterprise. We also discuss how important her family is to the Star Trek universe as a whole, her relationship with Archer and Trip, and instances outside of her comfort zone.

Intro (00:00:00) 
Welcome, Boomers! (00:01:31) 
T'Pol and Humans: Initial Thoughts (00:06:33) 
Archer is Really the One Who is Aggressive (00:09:30) 
Experiencing Things Outside Her Comfort Zone (00:18:33) 
Romantic Relationships or Loyalty (00:21:40)
A Personal One on One Level (00:31:52)
Final Thoughts (00:45:40)
Closing (00:47:45)
Patrick Devlin and Brandon-Shea Mutala
Karen Chuplis
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