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Warp Five 45: I Want to Experience the World of Emotions!

Vulcans on Enterprise.

When jumping backwards a century—or even two—you would expect that races and societies to be different. Yet one thing about about Enterprise that ruffled the feathers of Star Trek fans the most was the portrayal of Vulcans. Despite having gotten to know very few Vulcans over the course of four series and nine films, fans had a preconceived notion of what they all should be like. Spock preached the virtues of logic (though he didn't always practice it), Tuvok was the poster child for emotional control, and the deceptive Valeris was… Kim Cattrall.

To build upon First Contact, to follow the path of how Vulcan-Human cooperation evolved, and to make them an integral part of the series week after week required giving some depth and backstory to what was a famous but mostly blank slate. Otherwise they would have gotten boring very quickly.

In this episode of Warp Five we're joined by Tyler Johnson and Tommy Kraft to discuss Vulcans on Enterprise, including where they came from—before Surak and through the Time of Awakening—and how they strayed from the path of logic to find themselves wandering through the wilderness and staring at a fork in the road during the 22nd century. We also discuss the V'tosh ka'tur, the Vulcan exploration of emotion, flirtation with military dictatorship, the rediscovery of the Kir'Shara, and the Vulcan Reformation.

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Warp Five 44: Everything Comes Back to Demons

In-Universe Connections.

Enterprise wasn't just a prequel to The Original Series, it was a prequel to all of Star Trek. That meant that we saw some familiar races and themes "for the first time," and some were more obvious than others. Andorians and Vulcans are major connections to the "future," but there were also many more subtle gems dropped into four seasons of 22nd-century adventures. In this episode of Warp Five we're joined by Tyler Johnson to talk about the obvious connections, the subtle connections, and the Easter eggs that tie Enterprise into the four chapters of Star Trek that came before it.

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Warp Five 43: The First Rule of Xyrillian Boat Club


As a prequel series, Enterprise promised to show us how humans would react to truly alien encounters. Trip certainly experienced one when he left the ship on a simple mission to help some aliens fix their engines, but came back with a baby. Or at least a wristnipple. In this episode of Warp Five we bring you a replay of a past Ready Room discussion with Enterprise associate producer Dave Rossi in which we discuss “Unexpected,” how it gives us a rare glimpse of a truly alien environment, introduces holodeck and replicator technology, the first hostile encounter between human and Klingon ships, and more.

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Warp Five 42: In the Midst of Javelins and Arrows


Throughout Enterprise's third season we see the Xindi Council debate their plans to destroy Earth. Each species has its say, but the central focus is on Degra, father of the Xindi superweapon. Modeled after J. Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb, Degra is the Xindi with whom we can most easily identify because he represents the primate lineage of evolution on Xindus. He also mirrors Archer in many ways, and turns out to be the linchpin in the NX-01's mission to save Earth and the Star Trek future.

In this episode of Warp Five we're joined by Tommy Kraft to discuss Degra, how his actions echo those of scientists on our own world, how his immense regret over the damage caused by his creation drives him to help Archer, and how he pays the ultimate price to make sure he saves both his own people and those he originally set out to destroy.

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