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Warp Five 41: The Green Girl

Crystal Allen and D'Nesh.

Enterprise brought back Orion slave girls, which we had not seen since the Original Series in "Whom Gods Destroy." And as Enterprise did with so many things from TOS, this appearance put a very interesting twist on a familiar theme. In the fourth-season episode "Bound" we're introduced to three Orion slave girls, the sisters Navaar, D'Nesh, and Maras. Through their interactions with Archer, the NX-01 crew, and their supposed owner Harrad-Sar, we learn more than we had ever known about these exotic women and their role in Orion society.

In this episode of Warp Five we're joined by one of these three sisters—or at least the actress who portrayed her—Crystal Allen, who, as D'Nesh, bent a member of the Enterprise's crew to her will. We talk to Crystal about getting into acting, her pre-acting career as a dancer and model, how she landed the role of D'Nesh and what it was like working on the set, and even her love of cooking.

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Warp Five 40: Romantic Name-dropping

Archer's Lost Loves.

Star Trek has generally shied away from letting its captains become involved in serious long-term relationships. This  certainly applies to relationships with fellow Starfleet officers. Many fans wish this wasn't the case. Voyager fans famously wanted (and still want) Janeway and Chakotay to become an item. Long before that, there was angst over the song and dance of Picard and Beverly aboard the 1701-D. Enterprise was no different, with many wanting to see Archer and T'Pol grow closer. The fourth season brought new hope for a captain in love with Erika Hernandez of the NX-02 Columbia. But that, too, went unfulfilled.

In this episode of Warp Five we're joined by Suzanne Abbott to talk about romance in Star Trek, trysts and relationships thoughout the franchise's history, and more specifically about Archer. We cover Archer and Margaret Mullin, Archer and Riann, Archer and T'Pol, and, of course, the long-burning flame Hernandez.

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Warp Five 39: Watching You From Behind the Scenes

Romulans on Enterprise.

First introduced in the Original Series episode "Balance of Terror," the Romulans became a lengendary villain within Star Trek lore. The conflict between humans and Romulans is also lengendary despite never having been played out on screen. When Enterprise decided to bring Romulans into the show in the second-season episode "Minefield," they faced a huge challenge in keeping with canon. TOS established that humans had never seen Romulans prior to the late 23rd century. How do you tell a compelling story and stay true to that? Even more difficult, how do you establish a Romulan plot directly involving our characters in Season Four without them ever coming face-to-face?

In this episode of Warp Five we're joined by Tommy Kraft, writer and executive producer of the Enterprise-era film Star Trek: Horizon, to discuss Romulans in Star Trek and Romulans on Enterprise, from their first appearance in "Minefield" to the mysterious coda of "Kir'Shara." And, of course, we discuss the deeper plot involving Romulans in "Babel One," "United," and "The Aenar."

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Warp Five 38: A Silver Linings Playbook


Star Trek wouldn't quite be Star Trek without an alien on the crew. That outside voice to comment on humanity is key to examining ourselves through science fiction. With the Vulcans being portrayed differently from what we were accustomed to during Spock's time, Enterprise had to turn elsewhere for someone who could comment on events that were new to human explorers. Enter a new race, the Denobulans, and a new character, Doctor Phlox.

In this episode of Warp Five we're joined by Matthew Rushing for a close look at Phlox, the challenges in creating such a character in a prequel, his place amongst Chief Medical Officers, his role as defacto counselor aboard the NX-01, and the brilliance of John Billingsly.

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