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Warp Five 29: The King of Kaboom

Malcolm Reed.

Like The Original Series, Enterprise established a triumvirate at the top. In TOS that was Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. On Enterprise it was Archer, T'Pol, and Trip. At the same time, Enterprise took a cue from the other post-TOS series and created a deep cast of supporting characters. One of those was Lieutenant Malcolm Reed, the NX-01's armory officer who redefined the role that we had come to know in Star Trek as "tactical."

In this episode of Warp Five, Christopher Jones and Tyler Johnson take a close look at the character or Malcolm Reed, whether or not his growth during the series lived up to the rich backstory established for the navy man with aquaphobia, how he fit into the overall theme of the show, his role within the crew, and why he will be forever be connected with the tangy taste of pineapple.

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Warp Five 28: A Little Less Wetsuit, A Little More Laser Pointer

The Borg on Enterprise.

For a series set two hundred years before the TNG era, Enterprise at times dipped into the familiar-alien well prematurely. The Borg are amongst those aliens cited by many fans as not belonging on the show. But the events of First Contact presented the writers with a unique opportunity not only to bring these popular cybernetic villains onto the show, but to create both a sequel and a prequel to the wildly popular Next Generation film.

In this episode of Warp Five, Christopher Jones and Tyler Johnson are joined by Earl Grey's Darren Moser to discuss the Borg's appearance on Enterprise, whether Picard should have cleaned up after himself in the Arctic so Archer wouldn't have to, why Starfleet has no record of the Borg in "Q Who," and whether or not this all takes place in an alternate timeline.

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Warp Five 27: Trip Is Not Dead!

Enterprise Season Five.

Like all the modern Star Trek series, Enterprise was firing on all cylinders by Season Four. Under the guidance of Manny Coto, the show was creating a stronger connection to TOS and was planting the seeds of some amazingly rich storylines for the final three seasons. Unfortunately, those seeds were left behind in the soil of cancellation. In this episode of Warp Five, Christopher Jones and Tyler Johnson pick storylines that we wanted to see make up the fifth season of Enterprise and how the seeds planted in Season Four could have sprouted into some of the best Star Trek ever produced.

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