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Warp Five 26: Character Growth In a Torpedo

Prequel Technology.

As Star Trek fans we take things like transporters, phasers, and photo torpedoes for granted. But these futuristic devices weren’t always available to the people who built the Federation. While we can theorize on how we might build these technologies, actually doing it is beyond our grasp. So how do we get from here to there? That’s a question that the writers and designers of Enterprise had to answer. In this episode of Warp Five we’re joined by Tyler Johnson to discuss prequel technology, the devices of the 22nd century that eventually led us to the power wielded by Kirk, Picard, Sisko, and Janeway. What was it like to use the first transporter? How did we get from heat-seeking missiles to photon torpedoes, from grappling hooks to tractor beams? We take a look at the technology of Archer’s time and how the design decisions of the show’s creators were accepted—or rejected—by Star Trek fans.

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Warp Five 25: These Guys Love Blue


Thanks to the Original Series episode “Journey to Babel,” Andorians became one of the most beloved alien races in Star Trek. But prior to Enterprise we really knew very little about them. Their popularity stemmed more from appearance—blue skin and antennae—and their reputation for feistiness. But Enterprise changed all of that by not only bringing the Andorians back to the screen, but by making them an integral part of the 22nd-century story. 

In this episode of Warp Five we’re joined by Tyler Johnson to discuss Andorians, their role in Star Trek history, how they were integrated into Enterprise, and how they worked as a catalyst for change both in humans and in Vulcans. We also delve into Andorian ship design, aspects of their culture that parallel human societies, and we deconstruct the occurrences of Andorian fight scenes throughout the franchise in search of hidden meaning.   

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Warp Five 24: The Gauntlet Thrown Down

Season Three.

Few aspects of Enterprise—and perhaps of Star Trek as a whole—have been more controversial than the show’s third season. The 26-episode arc is an outlier in a number of ways. It was the first (and only) time a season-long arc was attempted in Star Trek, and it also focuses on aliens and events with no connection to the rest of the franchise. Some fans love it. Some fans hate it.

In this episode of Warp Five we’re joined by Larry Nemecek to discuss the third season of Enterprise, the pressure from Les Moonves that Berman and Braga were under, the validity of the creative choices made and the roads not taken, and whether or not a more TOS-centric approach might have saved the show from cancellation. We also look at how the third season led creatively into the fourth, the goals of the writing staff—including Manny Coto and David A. Goodman—and we dive into a few of our favorite episodes from Season Three, including “Similitude” and “North Star.”

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