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Warp Five 23: By Human Hands

Xenophobia and The Coalition of Planets.

When Enterprise began we all expected that—as a prequel to the Star Trek we already knew—the series might end with the founding of the Federation. Unfortunately the story was cut short and we never got to see those events play out. We did, however, get one step closer with the final two episodes set in the 22nd century, “Demons” and “Terra Prime.” In the aftermath of the Xindi scare many on Earth were understandably cautious about joining the galactic community. And in true historic form, this caution fueled the fire of racism and hatred.

In this episode of Warp Five Christopher Jones and Kate Walsh discuss the central theme of the final two-parter—xenophobia—and how John Frederick Paxton’s Earth-first movement, Terra Prime, embodies the challenges that always have—and always will—stand between us and progress. We also discuss the final moments of character development in the series and whether these two episodes are the finale to Enterprise rather than “These Are the Voyages.”

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Warp Five 22: The Irish Species Are Still Earthlings

Xindi Evolution.

The third season of Enterprise brought us not only the first true season-long arc in Star Trek history but also one of the most unique races we had ever seen—the Xindi. Unlike most alien worlds encountered by Starfleet crews, the planet Xindus gave birth to six different sentient races. It raised many scientific questions, but also gave the writers a virtual toy box from which to pull the pieces of their story. In this episode of Warp Five Christopher Jones and Colin Higgins discuss the six different races—or species—that called Xindus home, the probability that such a world could actually exist, parallels with Earth’s own evolution, what the concept brought to Star Trek and Enterprise, and how the Xindi—rather than being the enemy—can actually be read as a representation of ourselves.

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