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Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast

Oct 24, 2015

Anthony Montgomery Talks Travis and Star Trek.

Travis Mayweather may not have been the first human born in space, but for us he will always be the space "boomer" nearest and dearest to our hearts! Chosen to be the first-watch helmsman of the NX-01, Travis was the most naturally-gifted ensign and logged more deep-space interstellar star hours than any pilot in Starfleet. From his early days on the ECS Horizon, running cargo with his family, to his years of distinguished service aboard the Enterprise, Travis was the personification of enthusiasm and optimism in a future where no "boomer" had gone before.

In this episode of Warp Five, Will Nguyen is joined by none other than the brilliant, multi-talented Anthony Montgomery, the man who brought Travis Mayweather to life. In this very special interview, Anthony gives us a rare tour of his career, shares with us his memories of how he first started acting, why he auditioned for Enterprise, and his fondest memories of the show. Anthony also updates us on what's happening with his graphic novel series Miles Away, shares a few updates on other things that he's currently working on, and talks about his upcoming appearance at the 2050 Daytona Beach con in Florida.

If you’d like to find out more about 2050 Daytona Beach, set for Halloween weekend (Oct 30 - Nov 1), visit

The Beginning of Anthony’s Acting Career (00:01:23)
From the Theater to the Enterprise (00:05:30)
Anthony’s Favorite Travis Performance That Was Cut (00:09:53)
Fondest Memories of Star Trek Enterprise (00:16:40)
Miles Away and Other Current Projects (00:19:17)
2050 Daytona Beach Convention Details (00:33:08)
Closing and Thank You for Listening (00:35:26)

Will Nguyen

Special Guest Star
Anthony Montgomery

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