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Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast

Oct 2, 2015

Enterprise Season Four a.k.a The Decommissioning Enterprise BLUs

Enterprise Season Four on Blu-Ray continues the visual extravaganza from Seasons One through Three, with breathtaking 1080p high-definition picture and 5.1 sound. The special features and bonus materials that were recorded specifically for this Blu-Ray set are, most notably, the best we have seen for any of the collections. The four-part "Before Her Time: Decommissioning Enterprise" and the 90-minute "In Conversation: Writing Star Trek: Enterprise" offer fans a deeper understanding of the bittersweet beginning of the end for Star Trek on television.

"Before Her Time: Decommissioning Enterprise” is however, the absolute MUST SEE special feature; not just for this collection, but for all four Blu-Ray sets. This in-depth documentary is 120 minutes of unbridled and unfiltered retrospectives, chronicling the final season of Enterprise. Join us in the Conference Room with our very special guest Larry Nemecek, as he reminisces about his experiences on-set for the final days of Enterprise and most importantly, the final moments of Star Trek on television and the end of a world-wide cultural phenomenon.


Norman C. Lao and Will Nguyen


Larry Nemecek and Jeffrey Harlan


Matthew Rushing

Executive Producers
Norman C. Lao, Christopher Jones, Matthew Rushing and Charlynn Schmiedt

Associate Producers
Floyd Dorsey and Mike Morrison

Production Manager
Richard Marquez

Content Manager
Will Nguyen


Intro and the Beginning of the End BLUs! (00:01:23)

The Best Enterprise Has Ever Looked (00:05:42)

Four Hours of the BEST Documentary BLUs (00:21:02)

Too Little Manny, Too Late (00:25:34)

Manny’s Magic Bag of Hindsight (00:35:43)

Bringing in the Right Writers (00:46:50)

Learning How to NOT Hate Enterprise (00:53:25)

Larry’s Final Approach (01:01:09)

Only 7 Minutes of Coverage for TATV? (01:10:18)

Truly Bittersweet Memory BLUs (01:13:40)

A Resurgence of Enterprise Fans (01:30:30)

Our Final, Final, FINAL Thoughts (01:34:00)

Closing and Thank You For Listening (01:46:12)

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