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Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast

Sep 11, 2015

Enterprise Season Three a.k.a The Gritty Xindi BLUs.

Enterprise Season Three on Blu-Ray continues the visual extravaganza from Seasons One and Two with breathtaking 1080p high-definition picture and 5.1 sound. Packed with a wealth of brand-new special features and bonus materials, the two exclusive documentaries that were recorded specifically for this collection are once again worth the price of admission. The 3-part "In a Time of War" and "Temporal Cold War: Declassified" offer fans a deeper understanding of the volatility and uncertainty surrounding Season Three.


The 3-part "In a Time of War" is the absolute MUST SEE for this Blu-Ray set. It is a 90 minute eye-opening retrospective of the overarching and darker tonal shift of Enterprise's Xindi Arc as Star Trek returns to relevancy in the post 9/11 climate. Most notably, this documentary heavily features Jolene Blalock in rare and incredibly candid interviews, where she truly opens up to the audience, discussing how getting Enterprise was huge for her, how she (a relative newcomer) was cast, and how she says she grew with show as an actor and as a person.



Norman C. Lao and Will Nguyen



Jeffrey Harlan and Larry Nemecek



Matthew Rushing


Executive Producers

Norman C. Lao, Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones


Associate Producers

Floyd Dorsey and Mike Morrison


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Manager

Will Nguyen



Intro and the Doctor is In! (00:01:23)

Jumping Right Into the Documentary BLUs (00:06:18)

The Spilling of Larry's Brains (00:11:08)

Don't Show Me What Goes Into the Sausage (00:22:42)

Berman and Braga in the Backseat (00:30:57)

Randy to the Rescue (00:36:54)

To Xindi or Not to Xindi? (00:40:15)

Darker Days Ahead (00:47:00)

Norm Stands on a Soapbox (00:52:53)

Respect the Effects (01:01:49)

Patrick Stewart Redux (01:11:58)

Three is the Magic Number (01:20:20)

Closing and Thank You For Listening (01:26:35)


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