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Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast

Apr 23, 2015

How does the NX-01 Crew enjoy their off-duty downtime?

We all know how tough work hours can be, and the pressures and responsibilities of Starfleet's best and brightest crewmen and women aboard the NX-01 in 2151 were obviously enormous. So, what did they do off-duty to help themselves relax? Did Archer JUST watch Water Polo videos? Did T'Pol JUST read Surak and drink Tea? How did Hoshi keep her linguistic skills sharp? Did she enjoy practicing languages for fun? Where did they go to drink, to play chess, to just simply hang out and shake off the stresses of the day?


One of the dynamics we as fans love to project into our fandom is this premise: What if the NX-01 mission was in fact real? Because if we believe this to be true - then we also must believe that certain cultural touchstones had to have evolved in some way because they were worth preserving. And as seen through most of Star Trek, heirlooms and antiquities - music, books, eyeglasses, keepsakes and even quotable Shakespeare (in both Human English and obviously the original Klingon) survived because these human touchstones were worth preserving culturally.



Norman C. Lao and Will Nguyen


Tommy Kraft


Matthew Rushing

Associate Producers

Norman C. Lao and Floyd Dorsey

Production Manager

Richard Marquez

Content Coordinator

Will Nguyen



Intro and Real Life Happens (00:01:22)

How Does the NX-01 Crew Wind Down? (00:04:08)

1879 to now to 2151 (00:10:55)

The Human Ties That Bind (00:17:46)

Creating a Sense of Community (00:21:53)

Quark Envy (00:28:30)

Gaming on the NX-01 (00:31:39)

The Future of Fitness (00:39:00)

Enjoying One’s Work Off Duty (00:45:30)

In Most Need of a Vacation (00:48:28)

One Last Way To Connect (00:55:43)


Closing and Thanks For Listening! (01:06:20)


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