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Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast

Aug 8, 2014

T’Pol’s Drug Addiction.

We know that Vulcan's have emotions. In fact, they have more powerful emotions than humans. They just hide them well. The introduction of drug addiction to T’Pol’s story gave the writers a tool with which to break down the wall and show what is going on underneath the controlled, logical exterior. But was this needed for the continued growth of Vulcans as characters on the show? Was it needed exclusively for the growth of T’Pol?

In this episode of Warp Five we’re joined by Daniel Proulx to discuss this controversial part of Enterprise, how it evolved her character, whether or not her relationship with Trip would have happened without it, and how Jolene Blalock’s portrayal of a Vulcan in turmoil differed from her portrayal of the stiff, arrogant sub-commander of the first two seasons.


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Introducing Drug Addiction to Star Trek (2:06)

Necessary for the Evolution of Vulcans and T'Pol? (11:17)

A Protective Neurotoxin for Vulcans (17:30)

Catalyst for T'Pol's Relationship with Trip? (21:48)

T'Pol's Later-Season Potential (26:30)

Final Thoughts (33:38)

Closing and Feedback (40:18)