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Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast

Sep 23, 2016

Debriefing Jeffrey.

Travis Mayweather was born aboard the ECS Horizon on the Draylax–Vega Colony run, and he grew up on the ship. Would he be considered an Earther? This is just one of the questions we ask as in this episode oF Warp Five as co-host Jeffrey Harlan bids farewell to the NX-01.

In addition to Travis’s origins, we also discuss how a book from Travis’s childhood affected an entire civilization, debate whether “In a Mirror Darkly” is really one of the best Star Trek episodes, and whether “These Are the Voyages” is really the worst. Join us as co-host Floyd Dorsey treats Jeffrey to a Chef’s buffet of topics before sending him off to school in a shuttlepod of his own.

Intro (00:00:00)
Best and Worst Enterprise and Star Trek (00:04:20)
Feedback (00:13:46)
Jeffrey’s Next Assignment (00:19:54)
Debriefing (00:22:10)
Why Do You Podcast About Star Trek? (00:33:21)
Trekipedia (00:34:52)
Bandwidth Comics and The Protectorate (00:43:30)
Star Trek Online (00:44:47)
Closing, Feedback, and Jeffrey’s Farewell (00:51:26)

Floyd Dorsey and Jeffrey Harlan

C Bryan Jones (Editor and Producer) Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer) Charlynn Schmiedt (Executive Producer) Ken Tripp (Executive Producer) Norman C. Lao (Associate Producer) Floyd Dorsey (Associate Producer) Mike Morrison (Associate Producer) Richard Marquez (Production Manager)