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Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast

Mar 31, 2022

“Shockwave” 20th-anniversary reflections.

When the Enterprise drops by Paraagan II to check on colonists, they accidentally ignite the atmosphere and destroy the settlement. Or so it seems. As the investigation unfolds, Archer gets assistance from Crewman Daniels—back from the dead—and learns that the Temporal Cold War is heating up and that it is the Suliban, not the Enterprise crew, who are to blame for the accident. And there’s more than just the lives of 3,600 colonists at stake; Earth itself may be destroyed.

In this episode of Warp Five, hosts C Bryan Jones and Matthew Rushing continue our 20th-anniversary retrospective that takes you through all of Star Trek: Enterprise, one episode at a time. In this installment, we explore “Shockwave” and how it moves the Temporal Cold War toward a hot one. We also discuss Archer's guilt, the use of time travel, and the repercussions of the efforts of the Suliban and Future Guy to change history.

C Bryan Jones and Matthew Rushing

C Bryan Jones (Editor and Producer) Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer) Norman C. Lao (Associate Producer)