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Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast

Jul 19, 2019

"Similitude" Commentary. 
Season three of Star Trek: Enterprise explored a season long arc where earth decided to send a ship into foreign space in response to a targeted attack on our planet. Travelling hostile space would take its toll on the Enterprise, so how would it affect the mission should the chief engineer die while performing his duty? "Similitude" is an episode that proposes many controversial actions and is ripe for discussion. Our crew takes controversial actions in order to ensure the survival of, arguably, the most important member of the crew.

In this episode of Warp Five, hosts Brandon-Shea Mutala and Patrick Devlin provide an audio commentary for the fan favorite episode from season three, "Similitude."  We also discuss transplants, religious interpretations, diversity, growing organs, abortion, and animal rights.

Content Advisory: We discuss several controversial topic including religious views, animal rights, and abortion. Listener discretion is advised.

Content Advisory (00:00:00) 
Intro (00:00:25) 
Welcome, Boomers! (00:01:56) 
Commentary Start (00:06:25) 
Closing (01:01:56)
Brandon-Shea Mutala and Patrick Devlin
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