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Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast

Aug 17, 2018

Season Two Travis Mayweather Moments.
The Enterprise NX-01 is known in Starfleet history as the first warp five-capable starship. And for every starship, there must be someone at the helm. The NX-01 was regularly helmed by Travis Mayweather, a young, quietly enthusiastic man who “couldn't call a place home unless it came with a pair of warp nacelles”. Born and raised on the cargo ship ECS Horizon, Travis was groomed to one day become captain of that ship, but instead followed his heart and joined Starfleet, to the apparent chagrin of his father. Though often not given much to do, Ensign Mayweather did have his moments throughout the series, moments often demonstrating just how important it is to have a skilled pilot at the helm.

In this episode of Warp Five, hosts Patrick Devlin and Brandi Jackola bring you their top five Travis Mayweather moments in season two of Star Trek: Enterprise. We discuss Action Travis, playing games with cows, vaguely worried looks, Travis as a running back, figuring out fan service, and how Mayweather can manually pilot the Enterprise through a minefield and not kill a guy stuck to the outside of the ship.

Intro (00:00:00) 
Welcome Boomers (00:01:32)
Mayweather Season two (00:06:48)
First Moment (00:08:27)
Second Moment (00:11:25)
Third Moment (00:19:41)
Forth Moment (00:24:56)
Fifth Moment (00:38:10)
Final Thoughts (00:52:45)
Closing (00:57:25)
Patrick Devlin and Brandi Jackola

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