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Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast

Feb 16, 2018

The producers of Enterprise tried to make the new series stand on its own, and came up with interesting characters and plot points to set it apart from the series' that came before. One way that Enterpsie stood out was the cute and cuddly loyal friend of Captain Archer - Porthos the dog.  Brannon Braga and Rick Berman had always wanted to have a dog as a character that appeared regularly. However, they had been extremely worried that there could be a backlash against their decision to finally include a dog in a Star Trek series. 

In this episode of Warp Five, hosts Brandi Jackola, Brandon-Shea Mutala, and Patrick Devlin discuss the loving and loyal friend to Captain Archer - Porthos, his dog. We also discuss the real dogs that played Porthos, pets on the ship, the episodes he was in, and favorite appearances.

Intro (00:00:00) 
Welcome, Boomers (00:01:28) 
1 of 4 Puppies (00:04:18) 
Should a Dog be on a Starship? (00:07:42) 
Played by More Than One Dog (00:09:02)
Episodes With Porthos (00:12:25)
The Other Porthos (00:14:53)
Worried About Backlash (00:20:48)
Prop Dogs? (00:24:39)
1 of 4 Characters (00:27:02)
Novelization and Comics (00:28:39)
More About the Prized Beagle (00:30:56)
Porthos Interview (00:31:31)
Deleted Scenes (00:32:50)
Favorite Episodes (00:33:31)
Final Thoughts (00:38:21)
Listener Comments (00:40:33)
Closing (00:42:47)
Brandi Jackola, Brandon-Shea Mutala, and Patrick Devlin

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