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Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast

Jun 9, 2017

Mike Sussman Interview.
Mike Sussman began his writing career on Star Trek with a last minute pitch of the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Meld." After several years of working for Voyager, and working closely with his friend Phyllis Strong, the two of them would take the reigns as Executive Story Editors for the new series, and later, Sussman would become a producer for that show.

In this episode of Warp Five, Brandon-Shea Mutala is joined by Mike Sussman to discuss his writing career on Enterprise. We also discuss working with Michael Piller on Voyager, who the dead guy was in "Future Tense," and how Mike's favorite episode from Enterprise originally began as a Janeway and Chakotay story.

Intro (00:00:00) 
Welcome, Boomers! (00:01:21) 
First Episode (00:02:23) 
12 Monkeys (00:06:27) 
TV Has Changed (00:10:47) 
"Meld" (00:16:27) 
Phyllis Strong (00:23:50) 
"Future Tense" (00:25:50) 
"In A Mirror Darkly" (00:29:46) 
Writing "Kir'Shara" (00:33:06) 
"Twilight" (00:39:20) 
Writing Differences and Similarities (00:44:07) 
Vulcans (00:48:13) 
"Age of the Empress" (00:50:34) 
Most Proud Of (00:52:52) 
"These Are the Voyages..." (00:57:31) 
Finding Mike (01:05:42) 
Closing (01:08:19)
Brandon-Shea Mutala
Mike Sussman
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