Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast (season overviews)
Warp Five 62: A Guide for "Baby" Boomers!

A Season One Guide for "Baby" Boomers.


Thanks to the ever increasing popularity of Star Trek on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, CBS.com and more - being able to have online access to almost every Star Trek series has become increasingly easier and more convenient over the last decade. In reading many of our fan's comments on The Babel Conference, our dedicated Trek.Fm listener's page on Facebook, more and more fans are now discovering Enterprise for the very first time, or even more importantly - returning to Enterprise after what many believe was the overall demise of Star Trek - series fatigue.


In order to help these new fans, or "Baby" Boomers, navigate through the peaks and valleys of Enterprise Season One, Norman C. Lao and his guests in the Decon Chamber have each chosen two different episodes that they feel best represent the very pioneering and exploratory spirit of this series, how this season is relevant to the overall canon of Star Trek and how there is still a remarkable amount of potential that this series has to offer a newcomer OR even perhaps a new Star Trek fan. Let's begin our viewing voyage for 2015!



Norman C. Lao



Will Nguyen

Tommy Kraft



John Mills


Associate Producers

Norman C. Lao

Floyd Dorsey


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Coordinator


Will Nguyen



Introduction and Happy New Year! (00:01:11)  

New Fans are Discovering Star Trek in New Ways (00:05:08)  

These aren't the Vulcans You're Looking For (00:06:51)  

Space is Unknown and a Little Scary (00:31:20)  

Laying the groundwork to The Original Series (00:52:00)  

Final Thoughts (01:19:53)  

Hoshi Station: Enterprise Books in the Decon Chamber (01:23:23)  

Closing (01:24:35)  


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Warp Five 31: A Sequel to Us

TOS Impressions of Seasons 1 and 2.

When announced, the basic premise of Enterprise was a trip back to the 22nd century for a story that would set up The Original Series. In actuality, the first season of Enterprise delivered a weaker than anticipated connection to Kirk's time, and this continued in the second year. This is not a bad thing—it gave the show an identity of its own—but it did leave many long-time Trekkies scratching their head. So how would a died-in-the-wool TOS fan feel about Enterprise after coming into the series with certain expectations.

In this episode of Warp Five, we're joined by Standard Orbit co-host Drew Stewart to hear his take on Enterprise Seasons One and Two from a TOS perspective. How does a Kirk guy feel about Archer? How are the other characters received? What are Drew's favorite episodes and TOS connections from the first two seaons? And how would he have written the rest of the series beyond "Shockwave"? Join us for a trip from the 23rd century to the 22nd, with an unexpected sprinkling of X-Men.

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Warp Five 27: Trip Is Not Dead!

Enterprise Season Five.

Like all the modern Star Trek series, Enterprise was firing on all cylinders by Season Four. Under the guidance of Manny Coto, the show was creating a stronger connection to TOS and was planting the seeds of some amazingly rich storylines for the final three seasons. Unfortunately, those seeds were left behind in the soil of cancellation. In this episode of Warp Five, Christopher Jones and Tyler Johnson pick storylines that we wanted to see make up the fifth season of Enterprise and how the seeds planted in Season Four could have sprouted into some of the best Star Trek ever produced.

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Warp Five 24: The Gauntlet Thrown Down

Season Three.

Few aspects of Enterprise—and perhaps of Star Trek as a whole—have been more controversial than the show’s third season. The 26-episode arc is an outlier in a number of ways. It was the first (and only) time a season-long arc was attempted in Star Trek, and it also focuses on aliens and events with no connection to the rest of the franchise. Some fans love it. Some fans hate it.

In this episode of Warp Five we’re joined by Larry Nemecek to discuss the third season of Enterprise, the pressure from Les Moonves that Berman and Braga were under, the validity of the creative choices made and the roads not taken, and whether or not a more TOS-centric approach might have saved the show from cancellation. We also look at how the third season led creatively into the fourth, the goals of the writing staff—including Manny Coto and David A. Goodman—and we dive into a few of our favorite episodes from Season Three, including “Similitude” and “North Star.”

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Warp Five 20: The Dog at the End of It

Season One Highs and Lows.

When Enterprise premiered it was seen as an attempt to breath new life into a franchise that had produced fourteen years of stories set in the same time period. While The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager each had their own unique take on the 24th century, they shared the same Starfleet, the same technology, and the same crowded political landscape. By the time “Endgame” rolled around, there was—to many observers—a sense of fatigue creeping in. So changing the game by going back in time presented an opportunity to really shake Star Trek up. But it was risky, and whether it was a success or failure is the topic of much debate. Where did the writers and the creative team hit a home run? Where did they strike out? In this episode of Warp Five hosts Christopher Jones and Kate Walsh discuss the highs and lows of Enterprise’s first season.

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