Warp Five: A Star Trek Enterprise Podcast (interviews)

Anthony Montgomery Talks Travis and Star Trek.

Travis Mayweather may not have been the first human born in space, but for us he will always be the space "boomer" nearest and dearest to our hearts! Chosen to be the first-watch helmsman of the NX-01, Travis was the most naturally-gifted ensign and logged more deep-space interstellar star hours than any pilot in Starfleet. From his early days on the ECS Horizon, running cargo with his family, to his years of distinguished service aboard the Enterprise, Travis was the personification of enthusiasm and optimism in a future where no "boomer" had gone before.

In this episode of Warp Five, Will Nguyen is joined by none other than the brilliant, multi-talented Anthony Montgomery, the man who brought Travis Mayweather to life. In this very special interview, Anthony gives us a rare tour of his career, shares with us his memories of how he first started acting, why he auditioned for Enterprise, and his fondest memories of the show. Anthony also updates us on what's happening with his graphic novel series Miles Away, shares a few updates on other things that he's currently working on, and talks about his upcoming appearance at the 2050 Daytona Beach con in Florida.

If you’d like to find out more about 2050 Daytona Beach, set for Halloween weekend (Oct 30 - Nov 1), visit http://2050.events.

The Beginning of Anthony’s Acting Career (00:01:23)
From the Theater to the Enterprise (00:05:30)
Anthony’s Favorite Travis Performance That Was Cut (00:09:53)
Fondest Memories of Star Trek Enterprise (00:16:40)
Miles Away and Other Current Projects (00:19:17)
2050 Daytona Beach Convention Details (00:33:08)
Closing and Thank You for Listening (00:35:26)

Will Nguyen

Special Guest Star
Anthony Montgomery

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Warp Five 41: The Green Girl

Crystal Allen and D'Nesh.

Enterprise brought back Orion slave girls, which we had not seen since the Original Series in "Whom Gods Destroy." And as Enterprise did with so many things from TOS, this appearance put a very interesting twist on a familiar theme. In the fourth-season episode "Bound" we're introduced to three Orion slave girls, the sisters Navaar, D'Nesh, and Maras. Through their interactions with Archer, the NX-01 crew, and their supposed owner Harrad-Sar, we learn more than we had ever known about these exotic women and their role in Orion society.

In this episode of Warp Five we're joined by one of these three sisters—or at least the actress who portrayed her—Crystal Allen, who, as D'Nesh, bent a member of the Enterprise's crew to her will. We talk to Crystal about getting into acting, her pre-acting career as a dancer and model, how she landed the role of D'Nesh and what it was like working on the set, and even her love of cooking.

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Warp Five 9: From Voyager to Enterprise

Robert Duncan McNeill.

Star Trek has a history of allowing actors to direct episodes. Often this comes in the form of a dual role on a specific series, but also familiar faces from one incarnation of Star Trek have gone on to helm stories in later installments. One such case is Robert Duncan McNeill, who not only gave us brilliant performances as Tom Paris but also brought a wonderful creative vision to both Voyager and Enterprise. In this episode of Warp Five hosts Christopher Jones and Kate Walsh are joined by Robbie to discuss the process of directing Enterprise, how he drew upon experience as an actor and director on Voyager, and about the overall artistic challenges and rewards of directing television. 

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Warp Five 6: Drexler! Drexler! Drexler!

Doug Drexler.

The creative challenge of designing a ship that would be retro within the Star Trek universe yet still accessible to our modern technological sensibilities was a huge challenge. And when efforts to settle on a concept came to a stalemate, they called in the big gun: Doug Drexler. The Academy Award-winning makeup artist and Emmy Award-winning visual effects designer whose hand can be seen across every corner of the Star Trek franchise solved the problem and brought us the NX-01. In this episode of Warp Five, hosts Christopher Jones and Kate Walsh are joined by Doug to talk about how the first Enterprise came to be, about the refit that we might have seen had the show continued, as well as his lifelong love affair with Trek and his work on the various series—including makeup work on TNG’s “The Inner Light.” We also touch on the possibility of Enterprise returning for a fifth season on Netflix, something Doug has avidly supported. Now read the show title in Michael Dorn’s voice and hop aboard for a fascinating discussion!

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2: An Extrapolation

Brannon Braga Talks Enterprise.

He started his career with Star Trek as an intern on The Next Generation and went on to become one of the most influential creatives behind the evolution of the franchise, penning the classic “All Good Things…” as well as Generations and First Contact before moving on to Voyager. Brannon Braga is responsible for some of Star Trek’s most memorable voyages, and in 2000 he teamed up with Rick Berman to develop the most unique of the Star Trek series—a prequel called simply Enterprise. In this episode of Warp Five, hosts Christopher Jones and Kate Walsh are joined by Brannon to discuss the creation of Enterprise, the handling of the Vulcans, the challenge of writing a prequel, and we even learn about the original ending of the fan favourite “Dear Doctor.” 

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1: Seeing It All for the First Time

Launching Enterprise with Dave Rossi.

When talk began about the series to follow Voyager, there was plenty of speculation to go around. The most common theories involved an Excelsior series starring George Takei and one set at Starfleet Academy. When it came down from the studio that we would be getting a prequel, the fan base was divided—and it remains so to this day. Enterprise is without a doubt the most unique Star Trek series and the most maligned, yet it’s a hidden gem that many fans are finally discovering for the first time.

In this, the premiere episode of Trek.fm’s dedicated Enterprise show, hosts Christopher Jones and Kate Walsh are joined by Associate Producer Dave Rossi to discuss the creation and launch of the show, our expectations as fans going in, what the creative team wanted to achieve, and what the studio hoped for. We also look at Enterprise both as a TOS prequel and as a general Star Trek prequel, and pick a few of our favourite aspects of the show.

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